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The Sober Curious Reading Roundup for Dry January

Are you interested in learning more about how to be sober curious? We pulled together a selection of links we like, covering everything from community building to individual experiences. Enjoy reading.

Dry January is easier than ever, thanks to non-alcoholic alternatives

Young people are increasingly choosing to pursue a “sober-curious” lifestyle by limiting their alcohol intake for health and wellness reasons, …

Instacart satisfies the Sober Curious with a Dry January Pop-Up shop

Thirsty for new beverage options? The Sober Curious have a convenient way to keep the glass full thanks to the Instacart Dry January Pop-Up Shop.

This alcohol-free bar just opened in downtown Sacramento. But go quickly

… thanks both to better drink options and a rising number of sober or sober-curious customers. In Sacramento, traditional restaurants and bars …

Bar Talk: Kicking off Dry January |

3, one of my favorite “sober-curious” content creators, Olivia Noceda (@olivianoceda), announced her new podcast, which will launch Jan.

I became the poster girl for sobriety, then returned to big nights on the lash

Sobriety was a lonely place when Jill Stark wrote High Sobriety 10 years ago. Teetotal again, life is much easier in the sober curious age.

Non-alcoholic bottle shop Marigold opens in Minneapolis

Why it matters: Though the sober-curious movement and NA cocktails are growing in popularity, the beverages are often sold in places that also sell …

As Dry January kicks off, it’s no secret that more and more drinkers are becoming sober-curious, with Uber Eats reporting a 300% increase in …

15 of the Best Non-Alcoholic Beers for Dry January and Beyond – The Takeout

Times have changed in the absolute best way for the sober and sober-curious crowd. You no longer earn a scarlet letter in social settings for …

Portland-Made App BuzzCutt Will Try to Take the Guesswork Out of Sober Drinking

A soon-to-launch app called BuzzCutt will give sober and sober-curious folks the ability to easily find nonalcoholic drinks. Users will be able to …

3 sober influencers on how going booze-free changed their lives – RTE

Imy Brighty-Potts speaks to influencers who say they are much happier sober. Many people are ‘sober curious‘ or are choosing to abstain from …

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