Adaptogens help you deal with stress

As natural allies, they work to lessen the strain stress can cause on your body and mind.

Our tonics feature adaptogenic mushroom extracts, Lion's Mane, Chaga and Reishi, supported by carefully selected vitamins and minerals and flavoured with botanical distillates.

Free from sugar, carbs, fake sweeteners or anything artificial.

Ready to drink something better?

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Our botanical tonics are already available at over 1000 stores, restaurants, cafes, wellness clinics and gyms across Canada.

The ultimate cognitive enhancer

Supports mood, focus, and mental clarity like no other.

Imagine a world free from brain fog and fatigue. Imagine a delicious drink with no sugar, nothing artificial, but full of adaptogens and vitamins.

Perfectly balanced and bursting with flavour, this tonic shines solo or as a versatile mixer. Elevate your cocktails or simply enjoy over ice.

Experience the secrets of ancient Chinese herbology and set your mind free.  

Chaga, Spruce & Blueberry

The pure energy of the North

From the Ainu in northern Japan to the Sami in Scandinavia to the Anishinabe in North America, Chaga has been used to boost mental and physical energy by the people of the Far North since time immemorial.

We craft our botanical tonics with Chaga, which has been sustainably foraged in the boreal forests of Northern Ontario, blended with spruce tip and blueberry distillates.

Reishi, Elderberry & Birch

Perfect for winding down after a long day

Delicate and floral, brewed with hardwood-grown Reishi and then carefully blended with pure distillates of elderberry and birch for maximum relaxation. 

What makes us different?

Made with real functional mushrooms

Our drinks are all crafted in small batches with real functional and adaptogenic mushroom extracts.

Zero calories

Because we don’t use sugar in our drinks, they contain zero calories, unlike kombucha, beer or wine.

No sugar, no carbs, no sweeteners

We’re relying on the brightness of our natural ingredients to deliver amazing flavours.

Contains 0% alcohol

Our brewing process produces no alcohol at any time, making our drinks suitable for all people.

Amazing flavours from natural ingredients

Our drinks taste amazing, flavoured with berries and botanicals from Canada’s boreal forests.

100% plant based

We do not use any animal or animal derived ingredients in any of our drinks, making them vegan friendly.

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